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A little back round to the business itself.


The Train Department name was a business that I had taken over from David Orwig who at the time sold exclusively REGNER. It was something that he had been doing to help out a friend of his who started the business to import REGNER. Life and work changed for him and I was asked if I wanted to take it over as I had previously been doing a bit of side work in the hobby. Starting with REGNER, I added a lot of items that were hard to find and get for many years since the loss of Sulpher Springs. With that the business grew into what it is today.


So who is Jason Kovac? Well I am a Son, a Father and a Husband to a great family that has to put up with all the train non-sense. Trains typically in every room as its a home business. Might be a repair or inventory for sale. Sometimes yes even Amanda's China Cabinet. She is so forgiving! I have a very varied background in construction, landscape, machining and engineering. Much of the construction is learned from my father, Electrical, Plumbing and Framing and general building. Shop classes started my passion for machining and engineering. I continued machining after High school with the aide of my friend John who is a Machinist by trade and has a Machine business. From there I started to develop my capabilities to what I have today. Many years of working with John and on my own and building up my own shop to have a fully equipped shop and a good background and experience to be what I am today.

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