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Munger Mining Porter

Munger Mining Porter – A new twist with an old favorite, this time in Live Steam


Following the footsteps of my previous models produced over the last 12 + years and with the ownership now of Sierra Valley and its products I choose to redevelop the Gary Watkins Munger Mining Porter into a Fn3 scale Live Steam model. This was a new project started from the ground up with Justin Koch who is the mastermind behind the CAD. The Prototype itself is a Porter Class B-SS Medium weight 0-4-0 PUNDIT class. These were produced as a catalog engine and can be ordered in varying gauges and fuel types of coal or wood. While no specific model was chosen for Gary's model, he based it upon rebuilding a Bachmann Porter chassis and a whole new structure, of course his models were offered in electric only. This model is in memory to Gary's input to the hobby but more true to scale in Fn3 Live Steam in 45mm Gauge only.


The model is a butane fired boiler with our standard locomotive features of an internal throttle, sightglass, pressure gauge, pop safety and goodall allowing extended runtimes. The boiler is a 125ml capacity at operating level and will give and estimated 20-23mins of runtime without the use of the goodall. With the supplied goodall you can maintain the boiler level and get a full run on the larger fuel tank of 30-33mins plus steamup times.


All of the details will be machined or brass castings, frames are laser cut steel with oilite bushings The drivers are cast iron machined. All rods are stainless steel and bronze bushed. Cylinder design is our standard 1/2” bore in house design and also used on Rishra along with the slip eccentric valve gear. This pair gives a very reliable and smooth running chassis that will perform for many years due to the quality bushings throughout the chassis and attention to fit and finish. This means even a brand new chassis will operate on air testing down to just 2-3 psi. We pride ourselves in offering a quality hand built product made in the USA.


The cab will be lasercut ply along with the timber end beams cut from hardwoods.


Offered in RTR in either Butane fired or Coal fired*. Prototype to be completed for late summer 2021 and on display at the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory NC. Production of the first batch around early 2022.


The locomotive will be painted in a satin black finish with graphite smokebox.  Any custom color is available for an upcharge.


The price will be calculated once I have a prototype built.

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Munger Mining Porter

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Munger Mining Porter

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